20 luglio 2012


How r u? Have u solved the pb for microwave?
It's big mess here. This old man could speak only cantonese, I tried to explain also in mandarin but he didn't understood. I said him to change oven in mandarin, but he understood to change position and he put the oven upside down! I fight all the morning, so tired. Ok don't worry, when you come back we see what to do, I think we can solve this one. See you later. 
- Can u come to downstairs, and ask the management people in English. They will help to fix.... otherwise we do when I'm back.

- Ok I go downstairs and ask them to fix here... I'll update you later, but you come back quickly ok? See you later....
Super big mess now :( I ask them to fix the oven so they just come here and removed and take away. I think they don't like western people, the guy was so rude, jump on the sink detached it, and let everything dirty from his shoes, and lot of untidy cables. I tried to remove them but I had electric shock. Better I wait til you take a look and we decide what to do ok? See you!
How r u now? I try to be back earlier.

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